A vintage rattan cabinet and a rattan bed with drawers

5 Reasons Customers Love Rattan Cabinets

A vintage rattan cabinet and a rattan bed with drawers

Every furniture dealer wants to increase their collections to meet the ever-changing trends. One will need versatile, stylish, durable, and sustainable pieces of furniture to attract more customers and increase profits.

While finding items that suit these characteristics is challenging, rattan cabinets fit the bill. These lightweight and stylish pieces, ranging from rattan TV cabinets to shoe storage, are ideal for large and small living spaces. 

This article discusses 5 reasons customers choose rattans as a coastal or bohemian décor.  

Rattan Furniture Global Market Growth

Global rattan product market projection

Verified Market Research shows that adding rattan furniture to your shop is profitable. The data projects that the global market for rattan products will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.48%, reaching $1.06 Billion by 2028 from $815 Million in 2021. 

Several factors drive this growth, including:

  • Environmental sustainability– As the global focus shifts to environmentally sustainable products, furniture customers want items made from renewable, natural, and eco-friendly materials such as rattan. 
  • Love for organic products– Increased demand for organic products goes beyond consumables. The environmentally conscious prefer cane cabinets for their organic and rustic appeal. 
  • Increase in disposable income – Gone are the days when luxurious décor was only for the wealthy. An increase in disposable income, especially in developing countries, means consumers can spend on home furnishings. 
  • Versatile design– Rattan furniture suits indoor and outdoor living spaces. Its natural appeal and flexibility attract customers from all walks of life. 

Why customers love rattan cabinets 

why people love rattan cabinets

Rattan furniture is famous for various reasons, but today, we’ll consider 5 reasons. 

It’s trendy

Many professional interior designers clamor for rattan because of its warm and soft tones. Its strength and natural curves enable it to breathe life into any space. 

Since its discovery as a versatile furniture piece, cane cabinet trends and will continue to do so in years to come. Its rustic appeal means technology and fashion change won’t overtake it; hence, it is a worthy investment. 

Minimalism and country styles are the latest trends in the furniture industry, and rattan cabinets naturally blend with these styles. 

For example, the black rattan cabinet is a fashionable and durable cane cabinet with a classic woven door frame, making it an excellent addition to any space. 

It’s versatile

Rattan furniture has a chameleon-like characteristic, fitting in the bedroom, living room, patio, and garden.

While the original rattan material has a warm pale yellow color, one can stain it with other hues to address different needs for interior décor. 

And because rattan is foldable, it has endless functionality in the furniture industry. Designers can stain it to make a rattan bed head, dining chairs and tables, TV cabinets, and bedside tables. 

It’s durable 

Rattan grows in one of the harshest environments in the rainforest. Its natural fiber is tough enough to survive 5-7 years in the tropical jungle, making it durable on cabinets. 

Rattan is durable and tenacious; no wonder it is used to make frequently used furniture like dining and outdoor chairs and coffee tables. 

Even summer humidity and light winter showers have little to no effect on rattan materials, making them long-lasting for cane cabinets. 

A good example is the multifunctional rattan storage cabinet made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and sturdiness. 

It’s environmentally friendly.

Materials used to make rattan cabinets are harvested from rattan plant stems. Harvesting this climbing palm vine involves peeling the skin of the stem and then wrapping it on a wooden or steel frame. 

And because the plant relies on rainforest trees and vegetation, farmers and harvesters protect their habitat, thus promoting sustainability. 

Rattan is also a natural material that can degrade without creating pollutants. Environmentally conscious customers find it easy to replace their rattan furniture without leaving huge carbon footprints. 

Additionally, rattan plant grows faster- taking 5-8 years- which means they’re relatively replaceable. This helps protect the environment. 

It’s lightweight and have unique designs

Rattan cabinets are lightweight, thus making it easy to move to desired places without a hustle. The dried rattan plant skin is lighter than wood or steel used in regular furniture. 

Moreover, rattan cabinets come with attractive patterns, allowing dealers to order custom designs to meet unique customer needs.

Popular rattan cabinets for your furniture shop

Different rattan cabinets

Many furniture dealers struggle to identify unique cane cabinet designs that draw customers to their shops. Settling for the right material combination, size, and shape that addresses market needs can seem like a lottery. 

Each year, the industry produces new styles and types of furniture, including rattan TV cabinets, rattan coffee tables, and rattan shoe cabinets. 

Here are 3 rattan cabinet trends shaking the market in 2023.

Nordic rattan cabinet

Nordic sideboard rattan storage cabinet

This piece of furniture is built with elegant rattan craftsmanship. It’s versatile and can fit in the living room, bedroom, and patio. 

Nordic rattan cabinet is built with solid wood, metal, or brass. Its brass knobs are easy to open and close, creating a sense of order in homes. And with 4 doors and 4 adjustable shelves, this beauty provides enough space to store kitchenware collections, plates, and dining linen. 

Customers love the Nordic brand because it uses refined and durable materials. Its rattan cabinets are timeless and easy to clean and assemble, adding to their demand. 

Rattan media console

Boho TV console with two sliding rattan cabinet doors

The cane media console acts as a TV stand with two cabinets on extreme ends and two open shelves in the middle. Customers can use the middle open shelves to keep cable boxes and the two cabinets to store books and DVDs. 

This rattan TV cabinet is trendy because of its farmhouse appeal. It also blends naturally with most interior décor, lighting various living rooms. The cable holes at the back help to avoid clutter, and its high-grade wood ensures durability and sturdiness. 

For instance, the Boho-style media console has a broad, flat surface accommodating between 47 and 59 inch TV. Of course, there are smaller designs for smaller living spaces. 

Rattan Sideboard cabinet

Rattan sideboard buffet cabinet with storage

A Rattan sideboard cabinet is another popular piece of furniture because of its stability, storage capacity, and environmental friendliness. The cabinets can store different items, but it’s also a beautiful home décor. 

Some people use it as a TV console, kitchen pantry storage, or rattan shoe cabinet. Its design- a combination of natural rattan and MDF wood – provides a bohemian vibe and matches most furniture in the house.

The rattan buffet has ample storage spaces and a spacious top for displaying items and decorations. It suits indoor spaces like bedrooms, kitchen entryways, and living rooms but can also be placed outside on covered patios. 

There are many other popular rattan cabinets a dealer can include in their furniture collections—research unique customer needs and preferences before stocking for maximum sales and profit. 

Win over customers and increase profits with rattan cabinets

Furniture customers want durable, stylish, versatile, lightweight, and environmentally friendly products. Gone are the days when heavy and humongous pieces of furniture reigned supreme. 

Including rattan furniture in your business collection helps attract modern shoppers. Living spaces have shrunk as the population increases, prompting people to look for small-lightweight furniture. 

Rattan cabinets address most buyers’ concerns, satisfying storage and providing aesthetic appeal. You can check out different trending rattan cupboards on Alibaba.com to meet customer demands. 





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