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30+ DIY Home Coffee Bar Ideas You’ll Steal Immediately

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from a home coffee bar early in the morning. It can inspire creativity and help you start your day in the right mood. 

A home coffee bar stand can be a sanctuary where one sips their hot drink as they visualize and plan a productive day or reminisce about the day’s event. But with limited space, how do you fit a coffee table, chairs, pantry, storage, mugs, stirrers, and brewers?

This article provides innovative DIY coffee bar ideas that fit different spaces, home styles, and budgets. 

Let’s begin. 

32 DIY coffee bar ideas to crown your morning routine

These unique DIY coffee bar ideas suit any design from minimalist to modern to farmhouse. One can install them outdoors or in repurposed furniture in small and unused spaces. 

1. Repurposed Furniture

A dresser repurposed to a home coffee bar

A home coffee bar will need a coffee station table and storage shelf to keep mugs, coffee grounds, and a brewer. You can repurpose a vintage dresser or a rustic wooden table as the base of the coffee bar. 

Paint it in a stylish color to give it an appealing look and station it next to the wall to enable you to build storage shelves above.

2. Coffee Cart

A DIY home mobile coffee cart

A coffee cart is an excellent option since it occupies less space, has ample storage, and is mobile. You can build it using Ikea beige sideboards and modify it to suit your home’s aesthetics. 

Leftover plywood from earlier projects can be used to make the top of the coffee station table. However, like other Ikea products, the sideboard is made of particle boards and may need base reinforcement.

You can use solid red oak wood for reinforcement and then install roller skate wheels on them. The wood holds the wheels and ensures the coffee car is sturdy. Once the cart is set, you can move it around the house or use it outdoors. 

3. Reclaimed cabinets

A reclaimed coffee cabinet on a wooden wall unit

Do you have a wooden wall unit in your kitchen? You can carve out a coffee bar buffet cabinet on it using less materials. This coffee station has shelves for a tea pot, mugs, coffee maker, and cold brew maker. 

And with a built-in outlet, you can use the coffee maker without pulling it out. And since the doors close, you can put away the caffeine and shift to more potent drinks in the evening. 

4. Closed beverage nook

A home office coffee bar hidden in the pantry cabinet

This closed DIY home coffee bar is hidden in a pantry cabinet. Inside the cabinet’s doors are storage racks to keep coffee mugs. The pantry cabinet also has a water sink and acts as a coffee table. 

The shelves above the sink provide more storage space for coffee equipment and consumables. 

5. Home office coffee bar

Hidden home office coffee bar

You can turn one of the storage cabinets in your built-in home office desk into a coffee bar. With this design, you don’t have to leave the office for coffee.

The desk acts as a coffee table, and the cabinet as a storage unit. With the right color mix and office décor, you can make a hidden bar coffee table

6. Floating shelves

Simple and complex floating shelve home coffee bar

Floating shelves can help solve the challenge of space when designing a home coffee bar. Identify a space in the kitchen and install floating shelves above the counter and within reach. 

You can store grounds and mugs on the shelves and keep the coffee maker on the countertop. This simple design is inviting and can invigorate your morning routine. 

7. Closet Coffee bar

a closet turned home coffee bar

You can transform that extra closet into a home coffee bar stand. However, the cabinet will need some work before you can use it. 

Cover the inside wall with stylish wallpaper and install top shelves for mugs and coffee grounds. You’ll also need to buy or build a cabinet that can fit into the closet. The cabinet will provide extra storage and act as a coffee bar table. 

Once you’re done, you can close the closet and hide the coffee station. 

8. Rustic coffee bar

Rustic home coffee table with hanging shelves

This coffee bar suits homes with wooden floors and vintage interior design. Its raw wood and natural texture are stylish and complement most home décor. 

The rustic wooden cabinet and the countertop provide adequate storage space for the coffee maker and cold brewer. You can keep the mugs, coffee essentials, and additional décor on the floating shelves. 

9. Corner coffee bar table

modern home corner coffee bar

The underutilized corners are ideal for a home coffee station. You can build a closet on the corner, and instead of cluttering the countertop, store all the essentials in the cabinet. Place the coffee grounds, sugars, and syrup on a vanity tray for easy access. The bracket shelves fits well on the corners above the cabinet for more storage space

10. Space-saving coffee station

space-saving home corner coffee bar

Space is often an issue in many homes, but you can employ DIY home coffee bar ideas to create room for your favorite drink. You can zone the station with a splash of paint and fix a wooden box with shelves on the wall. 

The shelves have metal hooks that store a dozen coffee mugs and a few on top. You can invest in a countertop tray to keep coffee essential and to reduce clutter. 

11. Modern coffee bar

Modern coffee bar with hanging shelves and hooks

This coffee station is simple and easy to set up. You can station it over a blank countertop of a sideboard buffet cabinet with storage.

Cover the kitchen wall with stylish wallpaper or geometric prints to give your home coffee bar a modern look. You can also install two or three vanished shelves and mug hooks hanging below for storage. 

Choose colors that match the room décor to make your coffee stand out. Once you’ve set up the bar, you can include faux greenery to invite nature to the room. 

12. Tiered wall shelving

A coffee bar with tiered wall shelving for maximum storage

Walls are ideal for setting up a coffee station without wasting valuable space. Cut shelves in different shapes and sizes and install them on a dedicated wall to fit mugs, spoons, and other coffee accessories. Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made tiered industrial wall shelf and install it on your wall for storage.

You can hang frames with inspirational messages or goals to boost your daily focus. 

13. Narrow Coffee cabinet

A narrow home corner coffee cabinet

If you have a dead cabinet space, you can turn it into a coffee bar! You can even add this space to the cabinet if it’s not there. Use the narrow cabinets to store pods, K-cups, and tea bags. 

Your friends and guests will be stunned by this luxurious design whenever they visit. This coffee table is inviting- you may spend your morning and evening here.

14. Minimalist coffee cart

Simple minimalist mobile coffee table

This DIY home coffee bar table suits those who don’t want clutter and glamour in their room. Since it’s mobile, you can move it to your preferred room. You can choose all coffee essentials – sugar bowl, coffee maker, and cups – in one color. However, you can incorporate faux flowers on the station to make it more appealing. 

15. Transform a home bar

coffee bar combined with a home bar

Some people have a built-in home bar that they can transform into a coffee bar. Use the home bar’s countertop to station a coffee maker and a Mason jar. Next, build shelves on the wall above to keep coffee beans, mugs, and vintage accents. 

16. A hanging mug rack

A home coffee shelf with hanging mug hooks

A rattan coffee bar cabinet is stylish and vintage. You can crown it with beautiful coffee mugs hanging on the DIY rack over the cabinet. The design and arrangement add to the room’s décor. 

 You can decorate this home coffee bar in black or natural tones to make the colorful mugs stand out. 

17. Coffee bar in the dining room

Two dining room home coffee stations

A coffee brewing station in the dining room is where all coffee lovers head after dinner. You can fix it in one of the corners to save space, but integrate existing décor in your design. For instance, open shelving and a vintage coffee table will suit a traditional dining room. 

18. Coffee bar with storage trays

A coffee table with a storage tray and a coffee maker

While most people install shelves and cabinets for coffee bar storage, you can set up trays on the countertop to keep coffee accessories. 

Use candy jars and glassware to keep all coffee essentials- beans, pods, straws, and sugar cubes and then place them on small trays or trivets. 

19. The coffee bar under the stairs

A home coffee station under the stairs

Talk about utilizing the underutilized spaces and pursuing a coffee hideaway. This hidden bar coffee table is a radical idea that can transform dull spaces into adoring. Design and decorate under the stairs to create a coffee sanctuary where you can run to every time you need an energizer. 

20. Personalized touches

A persoalized home coffee bar with chalkboard paint

You can include a personalized touch to your home coffee bar. Hang unique mugs and glassware and add decorative elements like coffee-themed artwork, family photos, favorite quotes, and posters. 

You can also install soft and warm lighting to personalize your coffee station and create a cozy environment. 

21. Maximalists’ coffee bar

A maximalist coffee station with colorful cups and equipment

Maximalists can go wild with colors for mugs and coffee equipment. You can decorate your coffee table with colouful coffee cups to make a statement. Place the coffee maker on the cabinet’s countertop and blend it with other accessories.

22. Use coffee bar console table

A home coffee statio set on the console table

A coffee bar console table is suitable for a kitchen without enough counter space. If the kitchen has one or two open walls, you can add a table as the base of the coffee bar. Keep the coffee machine and canisters on the table and store other essentials in under-table baskets. 

23. Farmhouse style

A wooden farmhouse coffee bar style

Farmhouse DIY home coffee bar design fits with rustic home aesthetics. The weathered wood, removable baskets, and vintage accessories add a luxurious feel to the kitchen. You can use these traditional baskets to serve baked goods to friends visiting for a cup of Joe. Crown the coffee station with a rustic wood coffee sign.  

24. Add a chalkboard paint

stylish home coffee bar with a chalk board paint

Who said that chalkboards are only for Java and popular coffee houses? You can create a similar feel with a decorative menu on the rustic wood framed blackboard above the coffee station. 

25. Closed rack and hanging mug hooks

A rattan coffee station with a closed rackadhanging mugs

This simple coffee station has a coffee table with two drawers and a closed shelf with hooks for mugs. You keep the mugs in the rack and hang some with the hooks. Keep the coffee maker, sugar, and pods on the countertop 

26. Use pegboard perks 

A home corner coffee bar with a pegboard

Pegboards help keep many household things and can improve your coffee bar. Install the pegboard behind the coffee station to hold shelves and hooks. The shelves and hooks help organize mugs, measuring spoons, and other coffee accessories. 

27. Use a hutch

Vintage hutch home coffee bar

You can build a coffee bar hutch from scratch or buy one at a flea market. It has a built-in coffee table top and ample storage space for coffee equipment. Adding mug hooks under the shelves enhances its decorative appeal and provides additional storage. 

28. Include seasonal themes

a modern home coffee station decorated with a wreath and faux greenery

During the holidays, people love to decorate their homes with seasonal wreaths. And a coffee bar is a perfect place to experiment with these decorations. As the seasons change, you can include relevant artwork, wreaths, or festive candies on your station. 

29. Five-star home coffee bar

a luxury  home coffee station with golden accessories

This fancy home coffee bar buffet cabinet allows you to bask in a luxurious hotel experience in your kitchen. It involves installing gold and silver accessories and hardware in the cabinet to give it a glorious touch. 

The cabinet’s shelf brackets and handles should complement the tray, mugs, and accented Italian coffee machine. Add a modern table lamp to light up the station and a bouquet of fresh flowers to crown your morning coffee routine.

30. Pantry Coffee bar 

A coffee bar inside a wooden pantry

A home coffee bar inside a pantry provides enough storage space where you can keep beverage essentials away from kitchen traffic. The coffee maker goes on the countertop, and the coffee pods, beans, mugs, and other accessories are kept on the lower shelf for easy access. 

This simple design from Emily Henderson includes more storage spaces behind the cabinet doors to help free up spaces in the pantry shelf and make them neat. 

31. Built-in coffee machine

Modern home coffee bar with a built-in coffee machine

A built-in coffee machine is a perfect DIY coffee bar for anyone with limited countertop space. You install the coffee maker on the wall to create more space on the coffee table. 

This design also has bottom pull-out drawers to store mugs, pods, small spoons, and sugar. 

32. Home coffee shop bar table

Bringing Java home with a gracious coffee station

If space is not an issue, recreate your favorite café shop experience in your living room. A home coffee shop bar table has a built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to display coffee cup collections. 

Keep similar mugs together for a neat shelf and hook some on the adjacent wall to avoid overloading the bookcase. Add a high-end espresso machine or coffee brewer to this arrangement to bring Java home.

Your Favorite DIY home coffee bar ideas

These 31 DIY coffee station ideas are for the taking. And the best part is that you can customize them to fit your preferences. Dig into Alibaba.com to boost your creativity and reclaim your morning routine. 





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